Accelerating Sustainable Smart Innovation

We help maximise commercial success with positive environmental and social impact.


THE Sustainable Innovation PROBLEMS WE SOLVE

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Sustainable Innovation Support for Research Institutions

Research Institutions

Translate your research ideas into applications of value to industry

Sustainable Innovation Support for Early Stage Businesses

Early Stage Business

Take your innovation from idea to profitable business

Sustainable Innovation Support for Established Businesses

Established Businesses

Maximise opportunities to grow sales in new markets

HEar FROM SOME of Our Customers

How to use Sustainability and net zero to grow sales and have a positive impact for your organisation

David Kay – Sales & marketing for the Green Economy

A new entrant finding a pathway to the Net Zero market

Dodo – Finding Net Zero Clients

Project Girona – a collaboration delivering Northern Ireland’s

first renewable energy smart grid network.

Hear direct from the team who built it.

Girona – Collaborative Working

Energise are one of the UK’s leading independent energy and carbon management solutions providers, working with over 400 organisations to deliver a 100% compliance record and significant tangible improvements to their financial performance.  This success reflects our commitment to quality work that inspires, enables and ultimately delivers change that helps our clients to be more efficient.

Because of this success we know that the complexity of the world of energy and carbon, so we wanted to work with a market research partner that shared our vision for positive change and accuracy. We also needed an independent, qualified external view based upon proven knowledge of the drivers of the UK market for energy and carbon solutions.  Cambium met this onerous specification and took time to understand the opportunities and challenges facing our business.  Their approach convinced us they could produce a realistic bespoke market assessment and sizing that was tuned to the specific needs of our business.

It was a decision that worked for us, as Cambium has delivered new insights that have allowed us to accelerate the progress of the business.  We are using their study and data to inform the development of a renewed business strategy that promises to both optimise our business opportunities, whilst maximising the positive impact Energise delivers for our clients and in turn the wider world.

Simon Alsbury, Managing Director, Energise Ltd
Richard Hipkiss - Digital Energy - find better opportunities

Cambium were a first-class partner in our joint research project to assess the response of the energy efficiency supply chain to the UK’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) legislation.

They have in-depth research skills and an excellent understanding of the sales and marketing challenges confronting suppliers of technology and services in business-to-business markets. They used this expertise to design and deliver a research programme to analyse the dynamics of this important market.

The resulting report has been highly insightful and well received by our members as have the custom webinars and presentations provided as part of Cambium’s follow up.  We have enjoyed their professional, thorough and collaborative approach to the project and we look forward to working with them on future projects

Richard Hipkiss – Chairman ESTA, MD – Digital Energy Limited
Peter Brogan - BIFM - early market research

“At BIFM  (British Institute of Facilities Management), – we wanted to refresh the research approach for our annual survey of Sustainability related businesses challenges. The Cambium team and their knowledge of the Sustainability challenges were key in developing our questionnaire that not only generated new insights but increased the response rate by 20%. They were also instrumental in the detailed analysis and drawing out the critical themes for our 17,000 members. They are clearly passionate about helping their clients and contributed above and beyond our original ask of them”

Peter Brogan, Research and Information Manager, British Institute of Facilities Managers (BiFM)
Darren Thomson - Symantec - consultancy led sales

‘Symantec, the world’s leading security software provider, looking to expand their market presence by engaging with business leaders outside of the IT function and to take an expanded portfolio of solutions to both new and existing clients. Cambium engaged directly with Symantec and their clients to build greater trust and understanding of their business requirements, as well as providing processes and skills transfer to enable this strategy.’

Darren Thomson – CTO and Vice President, Technology Services
Mike Stannard - Bac2 - new innovation markets

“Like many early stage businesses in our early days we could see more opportunities for our technology than we had resources to pursue effectively. We engaged Cambium who provided a short-duration, fixed cost programme (Cambium Exchange ™) which for us delivered greater clarity and alignment around our best opportunities as well as a clear and shared plan to deliver on our growth targets. I was particularly impressed how they developed buy-in from both the operational and executive teams to our revised plan.”

Mike Stannard, Managing Director, BAC2
Alison Kennedy - Hartree - improve research translation

“The Hartree Centre is the UK’s leading research centre focused upon enabling UK businesses to outperform their global competitors by keeping them at the forefront of industrial innovation. By accelerating the adoption of data-centric computing, big data and cognitive technologies, we help to grow the UK economy, create skilled jobs and train people to excel in them.

Cambium has been a long standing partner and their support has been instrumental in enabling the organisation to accelerate the development of our mission, vison and collaboration strategy.”

Alison Kennedy – Director – Hartree Centre
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Smarter Sustainable Innovation

‘Sustainable Smart Innovation’ is the ability to bring together the 3 key trends driving the modern world to deliver faster, more effective and impactful innovation. These key trends are:

  1. The growing realisation of our need to use innovative approaches that address global sustainability challenges, such as climate change, particularly in the wake of Covid-19
  2. The importance of effective collaborations in the successful creation & deployment of innovative solutions to these issues
  3. The power of digitalisation e.g. A.I. & machine learning to deliver the new insights needed to enable innovative solutions to these challenges