Research Institutions

Cambium’s experience of working with leading academic and research institutions, means that we understand the growing pressures from funders and Government to translate research into commercial applications.  Helping Research Institutes to commercialise their researchOur Collaborative Innovation approach enables researchers and innovators to:

  • Identify commercial opportunities for ideas and research
  • Access valuable early feedback from potential customers and adopters
  • Provide robust proof of market data to allay investment risks and support funding applications
  • Demonstrate the sustainable impact of research and its relevance to global challenges, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Identify industrial collaboration and partnership opportunities
  • Support through the IP registration and commercialisation process

Early and regular feedback from a cross-section of industrial collaborators is key to success for all parties. Cambium have a proven track record of helping researchers to quickly acquire feedback from Industry on the best direction for the research to take in order to maximise value. We help researchers to build trusting relationship with potential partners and prospective clients that deliver real-world results.

For example our work with leading applied research institutions, e.g. the Hartree Centre , has provided us with a strong track record in the formation of new industrial collaborations that translate early stage research ideas into valuable applications that in turn create real positive impact for businesses and society.

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Research Institutions

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Established Businesses

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