Sustainable Smart Innovation

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Smarter Innovation for Sustainability

Smart sustainable innovation is the ability to harness three drivers that can catalyse faster, more effective and impactful innovation. These are:

  • The new large innovation opportunities catalysed by our need to address key Global Challenges.
  • The massive growth in Data and advances in Technologies e.g. big data, machine learning that are creating new insights and innovation that can enable differentiated competitive advantage.
  • The vital importance of Collaboration to successfully translate your good ideas into impactful innovations.


A Sustainable Smart Innovation approach means that your leading-edge ideas can leverage large new market opportunities and harness the power of new Data and advanced Technologies.     Collaboration with prospective customers to enable research translation of your ideas into meaningful innovation that meet real needs and offers real business value, will ensure that market adoption is accelerated with a clearer business case.

By harnessing these three drivers Sustainable Smart Innovators can improve their market readiness, increase the economic and societal value of their innovation and in the process, generate  sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Global Challenges

Data and Technologies for Innovations

Research and Innovation Collaboration

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