Accelerate development of sustainable innovation through effective collaborations

Collaborations that work. Built on trust, a shared vision and making best use of complementary skills through:

Identifying the best market opportunities

Knowing the market and where you can win is a vital for success in a rapidly expanding market.

With a growing number of new entrants and reprioritisation of buying criteria in favour of ‘cleaner’ products and services, making sound and well-informed decisions will be key.

Cambium has helped their customers get clear and early insights into:

  • What sustainability challenges represent the biggest and most readily addressable market opportunities
  • The competitive landscape – in terms of existing players, new entrants and breakthrough technologies on the horizon
  • Prevailing and emerging government policy and how this is driving the market

Connecting & building solid partner relationships

It is very rare for all the right people with all the right skills to appear just when you need them.

As collaborations start to form – the understanding of the challenges in addressing the market opportunities become clearer. Successful collaborators look beyond themselves to find key skills and capabilities to add to their team. Choices made at this stage are key and selection needs to be done quickly

Cambium’s knowledge of the technology landscape and extended network means they can provide:

  • Rapid identification of candidate partners
  • Accelerated introductions and qualification of candidates
  • Clarity and alignment of goals to enable a fast start and enduring commitment

Proven processes to innovate and commercialise faster

Doing collaboration well means more than getting the right mix of capabilities and people who ‘play well together’. It means getting things done and delivering outcomes.

And it is usually in the ‘getting things done and delivering outcomes’ is where the cracks and tensions start to appear.

Based on over 10 years of hands-on experience, Cambium have developed skills, processes and tools that have delivered:

  • High performing and robust partnerships
  • Consensus, commitment and ownership to clear and practical actions
  • Tangible progress along the technology readiness scale
  • Successful commercialisation and securing of future funding

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