Smarter Innovation CollaborationsThe complex and interrelated nature of the sustainability and net zero challenges we are facing demands a collaborative approach, and is at the heart of our approach in helping our clients develop and deliver better, more sustainable products and services .

Sustainable smart innovators do not leave vital interactions and the development of collaborations to chance.

Many widely used innovation support strategies rely on ‘organised serendipity’, to increase the chances of the right connections being made between innovators and industry at Cluster meetings or via industry networks.  Whilst these approaches have their place to discuss initial ideas or connect interested parties, sustainable smart innovation demands a more predictable, structured, trust building and challenge-led approach, designed to improve innovation outcomes and success.

It achieves this via a proven methods.  This includes connecting multi-disciplinary research / innovation teams with potential business users at an early stage.  This enables rapid identification and early validation of the best opportunities to create business value.  It ensures that interesting, yet time and resource consuming, blind alleys are reduced and resources are focused on the innovations with greatest potential for success..  Collaborations delivered in this way accelerate the translation of viable research or ideas into useful real-world applications that deliver positive impact more quickly.

Cambium has deep experience and structured processes that enable more effective collaborations to that deliver enable faster sustainable smart innovation by:

  • Leveraging the diverse skills and experiences from a range of organisations by incorporating collaboration partners working in different disciplines
  • Taking account of the different agendas of the contributors in channeling their contribution to the innovation process
  • Creating buy-in and consensus around a shared view of objectives and milestones for achievement of innovation goals

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