Established Businesses

Even the largest businesses recognise that it can be difficult to innovate successfully and to expand into unserved markets.

Even large successful companies, such as IBM and HP, have recognised the value that an external viewpoint can bring to the innovation journey and have chosen to work with Cambium to deliver a fresh and objective viewpoint.

From market research to sales development support, we have helped large companies to effectively capitalise on new Smarter Innovation opportunities for their technology and solutions in the new business markets being catalysed by businesses responding to the pressures of global sustainability challenges.

In these markets we have successfully helped our customers:

  • Identify the right market segments to deliver sustainable growth
  • Define and isolate the audiences that are most interested in the innovation
  • Strengthen their value proposition and create differentiation
  • Ensure that sales and marketing teams can reach and credibly engage with new executive decision makers
  • Support sales teams to deliver a value-led, consultative approach to their clients
  • Identify key potential partners and collaboration opportunities to strengthen market position


At Cambium we have the experience and track record to help organisations like yours solve these challenges quickly and with impact.

Learn more about our unique Approach to helping our clients or discover how our Smarter Innovation Services can help your business overcome these challenges to ensure the success of your market expansion.  

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Research Institutes

Research Institutions

Translate your  research ideas into applications of value to industry

Helping early stage businesses to grow

Early Stage Business

Take your innovation from idea to profitable business

Established Businesses

Established Businesses

Maximise opportunities to grow sales in new markets