Translating leading UK research to meet real-world challenges

by | Jun 14, 2021

The Hartree Centre, part of STFC, shows how the use of the InCEPT ProcessTM enables better research translation that accelerate practical innovations to help UK business win in global markets


Accelerating research translatiion through Industrial Engagement and Collaboration

The success of the UK Industrial Strategy (1) in improving productivity and competitiveness of UK businesses will in large part be dependent upon better research translation into applications that deliver sustainable economic and societal value in global markets.  The key question is just how can the UK bring its research expertise to bear on industrially relevant problems and translate this into cost-cutting, time-saving, innovation-unleashing applications of practical value to UK businesses?

This is the challenge facing the Hartree Centre, part of the STFC Research Council, who are enabling digital transformation of UK industry.  To achieve this goal Hartree combine domain expertise and assets in data centric technologies, specifically high performance computing, big data and cognitive technologies, with new forms of collaboration to accelerate Smarter Innovation.

The Hartree Centre is already applying these new collaborative translation processes to its high performance data centric computing research with the support of Cambium.

Read the Hartree Centre’s case study here

Accelerating effective research translation for commercial success

This case study showcases how research translation can be accelerated by the InCEPT ProcessTM.  This is a structured process rooted in close engagement and open dialogue with business helps to map a research organisation’s capabilities and ideas onto industry needs quickly and effectively.

The InCEPT ProcessTM was developed in collaboration with researchers and industry.  It offers a faster, smarter pathway for innovation by accelerating progress through more productive dialogue between researchers or innovators and relevant businesses.  InCEPT enables research ideas to be tested, refined quickly and collaboratively to generate new intellectual property assets of greater real-world value and impact to the benefit of all.  It also captures insight that can be used to help researchers understand the impact of their research in a way that improves their competitiveness, when bidding to research competitions, such as the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ICSF) or the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

If you are interested in translating your research or ideas into applications faster and with greater economic and societal impact, then:

[1] Building Our Industrial Strategy – January, 2017



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