5 Tactics to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation in Northern Ireland Businesses

by | Apr 3, 2024

5 Tactics to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation in Northern Ireland Businesses

The pursuit of sustainable innovation in Northern Ireland not only addresses global environmental and societal challenges, but also presents a significant opportunity for local businesses to thrive.

Cambium, with our longstanding commitment to fostering best practices in sustainable innovation, was delighted to participate in the recent All Ireland Sustainability Summit in Belfast.

This event, attended by nearly 300 professionals, underscored the vibrant momentum within Ireland’s Green Economy, particularly in areas such as agrifood, the circular economy, energy futures, and net-zero initiatives. For businesses in Northern Ireland, these developments herald a significant opportunity to champion sustainable innovation.

The Catalysts for Sustainable Innovation in Northern Ireland

The current surge in sustainable innovation within Northern Ireland is propelled and evidenced by a number of key factors:

–  The Climate Change Act NI 2020 mandates net-zero emissions, establishing a solid framework for environmental stewardship.

  –  Upcoming EU and UK regulations, including the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), are set to influence over 50,000 businesses, highlighting the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

–  Post-UK General Election 2024, investment strategies are likely to continue to prioritise net-zero goals and the economy’s decarbonisation.

–  The re-established NI Executive recognises the critical role of technology-driven, export-led growth, positioning Northern Ireland uniquely for attracting global investments, combined with a declared objective of reducing carbon emissions.

  –  Recent successful trade missions to Asia by innovative NI businesses, supported by Invest NI, demonstrate the potential growth opportunities in offering sustainable solutions to global markets.

Gleaning Insights from Sustainable Innovation Projects

Over the past decade, Cambium has played an important role in accelerating sustainable innovation projects on both sides of the Irish Sea, with a significant focus on Northern Ireland in recent years. Our involvement with the City & Growth deals across NI has allowed us to collaborate with over 120 local companies from diverse sectors, enriching our understanding of the sustainable innovation landscape in Northern Ireland.

Developing a Robust Sustainable Innovation Strategy: Five Lessons

Based upon this front-line experience, we suggest that Northern Ireland businesses consider the following strategies to embed sustainable innovation into their core operations:

  1. Embrace Sustainable Innovation as a Business Imperative – Acknowledge the increasing demand for sustainability from clients, employees, and investors. The evolving business environment, coupled with regulatory pressures, necessitates adopting sustainable practices early to safeguard market share and valuation.

  2. Strategic Business Value Beyond Cost Savings Sustainable innovation transcends resource efficiency, opening doors to new value and market opportunities. Initiating efforts in energy optimisation and emissions reduction can lead to early wins, paving the way for broader, value-added innovations.

  3. Leveraging Customer Insights for Sustainable Growth – A deep understanding of your customers’ sustainability priorities can unveil the most significant opportunities. This strategic insight is crucial for spurring growth and innovation, helping anticipate market needs and enhancing your competitive edge.

  4. Align Your Sustainable Innovation & Digital Transformation Goals – The dual forces of sustainability and digitalisation are reshaping the business landscape in all markets, and Northern Ireland is no exception. Identifying projects that address both can maximise value and adaptability, offering a streamlined approach to achieving both sustainability and digitalisation aims effectively.

  5. Unlock Disruptive Sustainable Innovation Through Collaboration Addressing sustainability challenges often requires new competencies, ideas, or technologies best sourced through collaboration. Such partnerships can fast-track the creation of sustainable solutions and explore new markets, showcasing the collective strength of diverse sectors working in unison.

Seizing Sustainable Innovation Opportunities

For business leaders in Northern Ireland, the imperative to engage with sustainable innovation has never been more pressing. Employing sustainability and digitalisation as pivotal innovation drivers can bolster resilience and unveil novel opportunities. As the momentum for sustainable practices grows, businesses that quickly adapt and innovate will undoubtedly lead in fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for Northern Ireland’s economy.

In the weeks ahead, we plan to delve deeper into these strategies. Should these insights resonate with you, we invite you to stay connected with our blog.

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