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Innovate to Build Back Bettter

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought sudden and dramatic changes to our personal and business lives.  It has been a very tough time for everyone.  For businesses many markets, opportunities and business practices have been changed for good by the COVID-19 experience. It is a change that will transform some businesses and processes. These trends that will open up new business models and opportunities. How can your business use these changes as a catalyst to innovate to Build Back Better?

Time to Pivot into new emerging opportunities? For businesses, ensuring success as we all emerge from Lockdown is set to require revision and change to pre-Covid-19 business strategies and plans. 3 Questions to help you choose your best path to recovery.

The Facebook boycott is signalling bigger changes that will impact sales and marketing leaders

As we emerge from lockdown what does Build Back Better mean to you? Are there better ways to enable a sustainability-led recovery?