Sustainability: Your Key to Growth in Uncertain Times

by | Jan 25, 2024

Sustainability: Your Key to Growth in Uncertain Times

In 2024, we’re navigating an era brimming with uncertainties in the economy, society, the environment, and politics. These complex circumstances prompt many businesses to adopt a cautious stance towards their investments, with suppliers feeling the pressure of these increasingly challenging times.

As a sales and marketing leader, you face the dual challenge of steering through a tough economy while driving revenue and expanding market share. Merely keeping pace with your competition isn’t enough. Traditional sales and marketing strategies are being outpaced and success now favours those who dare to experiment and pioneer engaging, meaningful, and innovative ways to meet their business targets and connect with clients and prospects.

Despite the challenges, there are beacons of hope. We see it in the commitment of your clients and prospects as they invest in transforming into more sustainable businesses. These actions, though varying across businesses and sectors, commonly aim to achieve progress in Sustainability, ESG, Net Zero, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Innovation.

Why Sustainable Business Matters

In our fast-evolving and unpredictable world, an increasing number of businesses are realising the need to bolster their resilience and sustainability. They are actively addressing:

  • A rapidly changing climate
  • The scarcity of expensive resources
  • A new generation of employees deeply concerned about environmental and social issues
  • The shifting priorities of customers, investors, and government regulators, increasingly focused on responses to these pressing challenges
  • A volatile political landscape shaped by rising global tensions

For these businesses, sustainability and ESG are far more than trends; they are vital, long-term business imperatives.

Understanding Your Clients – Simple Research You Can Do Right Now

Still sceptical? Try this straightforward experiment, which will take just a few minutes. Explore the corporate websites of your key clients to unearth their commitments to sustainability, net zero, or ESG. These terms are not mere buzzwords but are prominently featured, often right in the top-level menu of their websites. If you need more convincing, observe what their competitors and sector leaders are doing.

A brief search for these themes on your biggest client’s corporate site will reveal how crucial these issues are to them. Moreover, a quick Google search for recent statements from key board members on these subjects can further illuminate their commitment. This approach, akin to the essential preparatory work of understanding your client’s business goals from annual financial reports in the past, highlights the compelling priorities of your client today.

The Power of Curiosity

This initial research might just be the evidence you need to delve deeper into these goals. Consider how you can use these insights to start meaningful conversations with your clients about the priorities that matter most to them. These discussions can pave the way for new dialogues about projects focused on enhancing business efficiency and sustainability.

Your customers care deeply about these themes, and as a supplier aiming to thrive in challenging times, these sustainable business themes present a growth opportunity set to endure.

Aligning with your clients’ sustainable business priorities is now more than a strategy; it’s an imperative.

Embark on Your Journey into Sustainable Business

Good luck as you embark on your journey into the realm of sustainable business. Investing the time to understand these opportunities will allow you to meet your clients where they are and transform uncertainty and challenges into avenues for growth and innovation.

At Cambium, we’ve been navigating the sustainable business sector for over 15 years. If you’re keen to quickly grasp sustainable business, we’re here to assist in several ways:

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Engaging with your clients on sustainable business isn’t just beneficial; it’s becoming essential. 

Reach out if you’re ready to explore how we can make this agenda work for you, your teams, and your customers.

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