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Our Insights on Sustainable Smart Innovation

Impacts of a changing climate for sales and marketing

Those of us, who make their living selling goods and services to business markets will  feel these effects as well.  Leaders of these businesses also have to  consider the impacts of a changing climate for sales and marketing and to ask the question: What does the shift to net zero, mean to our biggest clients?

The answer is that businesses need to pay increased attention to the measurement of their carbon footprint, specifically measurement of their “Scope 3” emissions.  Although all of this may seem like just another red tape type burden, it can also be an opportunity for you to differentiate and sell more value.  For some, it could open up new markets and new client conversations.  Learn more about this trend– Sustainability helps sales and marketing to build-back better

Four months on we are all beginning to form a view about what the “new Normal” looks like.  We are also considering the potential options for the shape of any economic recovery.  It is also becoming more obvious that there are emerging new market trends and opportunities that are appearing.  The key question for business leaders is how to refine and adapt their plans for the business, as the economy starts to recover.

Growing interest in sustainable business practices and elevated ambitions to “Build Back Better” is now a big influence upon the priorities of decision makers in many businesses and sectors. The good news is that Sustainability can help sales and marketing to Build Back Better.