Sustainable innovation can combat today’s market uncertainty

by | Jul 11, 2021

Sustainability leaders can use sustainable innovation to ignite organisational interest in bigger, more certain returns

The ROI on OI on Sustainable Innovation

Uncertain and changing times means that sustainable innovation is more relevant than ever

In the last year the UK has experienced tumultuous, unexpected change.  Two elections, a referendum and the prospect of the biggest overhaul in over 40 years’ worth of trading partnerships have done nothing to calm uncertainties.  With new significant risks to trade and funding of scientific research and collaboration, many leaders of organisations are more cautious about future investments.  How can sustainable innovation provide optimism for the future and a sound business case for combatting these headwinds?  

In this podcast Anthony Day, the editor of the Sustainable Futures Report, interviews Cambium’s Tony O’Donnell.  They discuss how sustainable innovation offers an antidote to  current uncertainties  and can also unlock new smarter innovation market opportunities.

You can listen and download this podcast “The Art of the Possible here

If you prefer to read a transcript of the interview and to also access to all of the excellent Sustainability insights available on the Sustainable Futures Report is also available

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Find new markets

Sustainability leaders can start this conversation by asking a question.  How  can today’s organisational assets evolve to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities?

Sustainability leaders can play a transformative role in helping to answer this question in three key ways:

Firstly, by raising awareness of the new market opportunities being created from addressing global challenges.  Secondly, by understanding and sponsoring the use of new data centric technology. And, finally, by sharing and applying their experience of forming meaningful multi-disciplinary collaborations.

By advocating smarter sustainable innovation, sustainability leaders can help your organisation maximise its economic value in major new markets, whilst enabling a sustainable future for us all.

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Innovation in the Green Economy

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