How will net zero impact your business and markets?

Unlike many previous market disruptions, the move to net zero will impact both the way we do business (operations and business models) as well as the buying priorities and processes of your clients. 

The scale and the extent of the change needed to achieve net zero means good market intelligence is vital to a thorough evaluation of the net zero opportunity.

Organisations who can accurately assess the implications for clients of this net zero transition and then adapt quickly to the changing needs will survive and thrive. 

Cambium’s EVALUATE services provide expert market insight on the changing market dynamics and opportunities created by the UK’s move to a net zero economy.

Our EVALUATE services

Evaluations have been completed for a wide diversity of organisations, in both the private and public sector for all sizes of organisation.  Our net zero support services are tuned to individual client need with clearly defined and agreed outcomes and include:

Market research

A range of bespoke market research design, delivery and analysis services tried and tested in the UK’s low carbon markets in the past decade, covering:

  • Market sizing and growth assessments
  • Competitor analysis


net zero market anticipation

A unique toolset to support your net zero opportunity anticipation that helps you consider how the move to net zero will affect your customers and markets, so that your business can develop an appropriate response. This incorporates:

  • Horizon scanning
  • Risk and future proofing analysis


UK low carbon policy analysis

Expert analysis to assess the impact of current UK government policy relating to the shift to net zero upon your business, customers and markets. This includes:

  • Existing legislation and policy
  • Scenarios analysis relating to proposed legislation and policy


Our services are underpinned and differentiated by our track record in researching markets for low carbon goods and services for over a decade.  This experience means we possess the know how to fully interpret market research data and to develop unique insight for our clients.

Market research

A Professional body, with members in over 15,000 service companies, wanted to understand its members progress in leading activity to address sustainability driven challenges in energy and waste management.  An extensive survey covering multiple industry sectors yielded over 25,000 data points.

Analysis of this data highlighted a ‘sustainability crunch’ where rising pressures to deliver more effective sustainability management required a step change in response by the profession.

The report was well received by the members and provided compelling evidence for action in three key areas – 1.  Leadership 2. Improving the business case for sustainability and 3. Collaboration.

Market anticipation

A newly formed collaboration of innovative technology businesses was evaluating the market potential and barriers to adoption of a new approach to building a community-centred renewable energy microgrid.

At an early stage in its development the collaborators were looking to anticipate the drivers and sources of future market growth.  They were also looking to establish if their approach was sufficiently differentiated to merit further investment.

Cambium worked with the collaborators to better understand their collective capabilities and researched competitive alternative in this market.  These included technology alternatives, such as  batteries, solar panels etc.  Cambium’s support contributed to a successful bid for a further £ multi-million investment to test the approach via a large scale pilot project.

UK low carbon policy analysis

Since 2012 Cambium has a track record of detailed appraisal of UK carbon related policy and legislation.  Examples have included assessing the response of over of 2000 organisations affected by the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) scheme.  Our analysis of key markers of business motivation & performance enabled assessment of company propensity to invest in emission reduction measures.

For Mandatory Carbon Reporting for listed companies, Cambium assessed the compliance readiness by industry sector and mapped company progress on a range of sustainability related measures.  This was used to provide insight for suppliers to highlight  those companies that were leaders and laggards in adoption of carbon management services and technologies.

For ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), the energy services industry  was surveyed & assessed for their readiness to respond to the energy & carbon reduction opportunities created by the legislation.

Our EVALUATE services uncover your best opportunities in the net zero transition

For innovative organisations seeking to understand the best path to take in responding to the shift to a net zero economy, our EVALUATE services signpost the best opportunities.  Built on a proven track record our services support your optimal opportunity discovery through:

  • A range of market research services tried and tested in the UK’s in the past decade.
  • A unique toolset to help you anticipate how the move to net zero will affect your customers and markets, so that your business can develop an appropriate response.
  • Expert analysis to assess the impact of UK government policy on your business.

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