Simon Alsbury, Managing Director, Energise Ltd

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Tony O'Donnell

Energise are one of the UK’s leading independent energy and carbon management solutions providers, working with over 400 organisations to deliver a 100% compliance record and significant tangible improvements to their financial performance.  This success reflects our commitment to quality work that inspires, enables and ultimately delivers change that helps our clients to be more efficient.

Because of this success we know that the complexity of the world of energy and carbon, so we wanted to work with a market research partner that shared our vision for positive change and accuracy. We also needed an independent, qualified external view based upon proven knowledge of the drivers of the UK market for energy and carbon solutions.  Cambium met this onerous specification and took time to understand the opportunities and challenges facing our business.  Their approach convinced us they could produce a realistic bespoke market assessment and sizing that was tuned to the specific needs of our business.

It was a decision that worked for us, as Cambium has delivered new insights that have allowed us to accelerate the progress of the business.  We are using their study and data to inform the development of a renewed business strategy that promises to both optimise our business opportunities, whilst maximising the positive impact Energise delivers for our clients and in turn the wider world.

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