Build Back Better – an agile pathway to a resilient recovery

Business leaders can now act immediately to quickly and safely Build Back Better .  

Scroll down to download an overview of how the Build Back Better service works.

Our Prepare, Pivot and Build Back Better service improves the agility of your business in uncertain times.  It helps you to accelerate the development of a resilient, practical Covid-19 recovery plan.  This service ensures buy-in and commitment to the plan by working closely with the key members of your business.

The service has a cost profile in line with a typical pre-crisis, “team away day”.  However, unlike off-site planning events, the service is delivered quickly and safely.  As a result, this approach allows you to work with your team to create real and positive change. 

The online delivery uses advanced collaboration technology and any video conferencing tool of choice.  Consequently, the programme runs at a time and pace that suits your business.

It typically comprises five short intervention steps.  These are all facilitated by subject matter experts.  The programme content includes valuable research, analysis and insight from experts in their field.  These perspectives help your business to objectively assess its business environment and opportunities.  The service is customised to meet your business requirements.  This ensures the relevance and value of the service.

Scroll down to download an overview of how the service works and a summary of the value it delivers to your business.

Alternatively, please get in touch with us to explore how Prepare, Pivot and Build Back Better can help your Covid 19 recovery plans.

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