Welcome to The net zero Exchange

by | Aug 19, 2021

Welcome to The net zero Exchange

Cambium LLP is delighted to announce the launch of The net zero Exchange, a new forum for exploring the challenges of how we all transition to a net zero world.

For most of us, Covid-19 has given us an experience unlike any other we have witnessed in our lives.  Its impact has been swift, global in scope and has brought with it, great uncertainty.   Efforts to combat the Pandemic has seen drastic interventions by the UN, Nation States, business and individuals.

These responses are in turn creating new trends that will affecting our societies, our workplaces and the economies in which we live.  These changes will afffect us both in the short and the longer term.

In this series of talks, we explore these changes and the ways they are impacting humanity’s efforts to combat an even bigger existential threat – the Climate Change Crisis.

Through personal perspectives from people that share a passion for climate action and bring expertise, spanning Economics, the Environment, Politics, Social Justice and Technology we explore how the Pandemic and its aftermath is affecting action to achieve net zero emissions goals.

NOW live, The net zero Exchange aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas, innovation and best practices that can contribute to the innovation and new ways of working we need to win in the race to zero.

 The net zero Exchange will be provide a forum, where you can:

  • HEAR from EXPERTS with diverse RELEVANT KNOWLEDGE, who also have a passion for positive action to MITIGATE or ADAPT to the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE.
  • GAIN essential insight on the factors affecting the development of the net zero economy and the growing MARKETS for net zero innovation.
  • KEEP UP TO DATE on new net zero innovation activities taking place in the UK in the lead up to the COP26 CLIMATE SUMMIT taking place in GLASGOW in NOVEMBER 2021
  • SHARE your ideas that will help us all WIN in the #RACE-TO-ZERO

First up in The net zero Exchange is Ian Brooks.

A long-time friend and collaborator with Cambium.  Cambium first worked with Ian, when he was in the IT sector working with IBM.    Since then, Ian has changed direction to follow his passion for sustainable business.

This transition was achieved by becoming an academic at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.  Ian is  a senior lecturer in sustainability and IT at that institution.  In his perspective on net zero, Ian explores answers to vital questions such as:

  • After covid-19, is there still a real need for action to combat climate change?
  • How can economic stimulus packages be used for positive economic and environmental impact?
  • What are the different ways that government and businesses are setting their net zero targets?


To watch Ian’s interview on  The net zero Exchange

please visit our dedicated YouTube channel here.

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About Cambium LLP

At Cambium, we are also passionate about taking positive action to address the climate crisis.

Our net zero support accelerates the adoption of innovations that grow revenues, market share & positive environmental and social impact.  If you need assistance to accelerate your understanding of the opportunity, Cambium can help.

We help suppliers understand and engage with net zero and sustainability opportunities in business to business markets.

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