Attenborough & Johnson – Time for Action on Climate Change

by | Feb 6, 2020

It’s time for the UK to take real action on Climate Change

Heroic environmental campaigner David Attenborough marks 2020 as the time for action on climate change by the UK Government.

At the launch of the COP26 conference set for Glasgow in November this year, Sir David said:

“It is so encouraging to know that the present Government has declared this year, the year of not talking about it, not of alarming people, not of warning, but of ACTION!”

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, echoed this call to arms and said:

“It is now predicted, unless we take urgent ACTION, to get 3 degrees hotter.  And in the hurricanes and the bush fires and the melting of the ice caps and the acidification of the oceans, the evidence is now overwhelming. Its taking its toll, this phenomenon of global warming is taking its toll on the most vulnerable populations around the planet. Which is why the UK has committed to 11.6 billion in tackling global climate change and in financing climate initiatives around the world.

We all know that as a country, as a society, as a planet, as a species, we must now ACT!”

For an organisation like Cambium that has been working to encourage smart sustainable innovation to address global challenges, e.g. climate change for over a decade, these are encouraging words.  Rarely has a UK Prime Minister been so unequivocal over the seriousness of the climate threat.  These comments are welcome, albeit overdue.  They also leave us in some fear of placing too much trust in them.  We have heard many such fine words uttered by politicians before.  These commitments have promised much, yet sadly delivered very little in terms of real progress.

What may make this announcement different?

Sceptics will question if this rhetoric will translate into real action?

As has been noted by others, Boris Johnson is no natural advocate of climate action.

But, today we see new visible impacts of a changing climate from around the world almost daily.  The scientific evidence is more compelling than ever.  As a result, more and more people, not just politicians, are re-appraising the validity and seriousness of the climate threat.

Over the years, advocates of sustainable innovation have learned to not judge politicians by their words, but by their actions.  There have been many false dawns on climate action in the past decade. Its possible we are risking disappointment again.  But we also know that the time for decisive action on tackling climate change is short.

We also know that there remains huge opportunities for individuals, innovators, researchers, and businesses in tackling this challenge.

So, to those that want to seize these innovation opportunities and to make a difference, we offer this suggestion.

Feel the fear of further disappointment and take action anyway.

If you want to discuss how you might get started or explore how we at Cambium may be able to help you accelerate your opportunity to take action, please get in touch.

Stay informed

The full speeches by David Attenborough and Boris Johnson from yesterday’s COP 26 launch can be viewed here (11 mins duration).

Achieving the UK’s Net Zero carbon target. will catalyse many new sustainable innovation opportunities.  If you are interested in this agenda, we aim to write more blogs on this subject.

So, if you want to stay in touch  please follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.



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