Sustainability Focused Sales & Marketing Enablement

Get a competitive edge with Sustainability focused sales & marketing enablement.

This proven programme provides client-facing professionals with new knowledge, tools and vocabulary.  It also delivers the confidence to have credible new customer conversations relating to a clients’ most important sustainable business challenges. 

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Why now?

After the lockdown, many businesses are seeking to improve their positive environmental and social impact.  This programme helps sellers and marketers to leverage this growing trend.  It includes new ways to uncover these sustainability-driven business and market opportunities.  Programme participants obtain a real advantage that enables their overachievement of sales and marketing goals.

A safe and convenient way to enable sales and marketing teams

Our latest version of this tried and tested programme is delivered entirely on-line.  Delivery makes use of advanced collaboration technology and any video conferencing tool of choice.   It is facilitated by subject matter experts and with content that provides valuable research and tools to help client-facing teams explain the relevance of their goods and services to the sustainability challenges of their customers and prospects.

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