MORE™: A path to better research funding, impact & reputation

For research leaders concerned with the research funding challenges produced by a changing research and innovation landscape, MORETM provides a new way to enable your organisation to get more impact and value from its research.

MORETM achieves this through a structured, fact-based approach that enables a research organisation to engage more effectively with challenge-led impact opportunities and in doing so to secure sources of new research funding.

MORETM provides a three-step framework for knowledge management that helps research leaders optimise decisions as they navigate the changing research landscape.

  • Identifies the biggest potential impact areas for your research that offer long-term growth despite current uncertainties
  • Assesses your potential research strengths and assets that can be successfully (re)used to respond to these growing impact opportunities
  • Appraises the best opportunities to secure the future success of your research

To learn about the value offered by MORETM, download the overview (opposite).

Alternatively, please get in touch with us to explore how MORETM can help you to maximise the impact and value of your organisation’s ideas, research and intellectual property.

MORE a new way to secure research funding in uncertain times