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5 ways Sales & Marketing can seize the new net zero opportunity

Yesterday 18th November 2020, the UK Government laid out their Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. This article offers sales and marketing leaders 5 tips for action they can take today to make the most of the new net zero opportunity that will be created by these policies in the new net zero economy.

Joe Biden’s election victory provides a boost for global efforts to tackle the Climate emergency. This renewed focus is good for net zero innovation and green jobs everywhere.
The UK is well placed to benefit from this boost. It offers UK business leaders a huge opportunity to both grow and to #buildbackbetter.
The net zero transition also offers a unique chance to generate strong economic growth that has positive environmental and social impact.
Readers of this blog will understand how a Biden Presidency will catalyse this change. It also offers some ideas for how you can participate in this opportunity.

4 key trends will power action to accelerate our net zero journey and that provide tangible reasons for optimism:
1. New Political and Economic Framework Conditions
2. The Energy Transformation Is Accelerating
3. The Business Case For Decarbonization
4. The Rise of Sustainable Finance
Growing commitments from governments, businesses and investors that show the magnitude of this net zero innovation market.
These 9 Numbers that Reveal the true Size of this net zero Opportunity.

In this perspective on net zero, Ian explores answers to vital questions such as: After covid-19 is there still a real need for action to combat climate change?
How can economic stimulus packages be used for positive economic and environmental impact? What are the different ways that government and businesses are setting their net zero targets?
In addition to its effect on action on net zero goals, in what ways will the Pandemic affect other sustainable development goal priorities e.g. UN SDGs?