Will your business win or lose in the transition to a net zero Economy?

The UK Government’s commitment to the net zero by 2050 goal has been supported in similar public pledges by leading businesses and public sector organisations.  Meeting these commitments is not easy and will catalyse substantial, sustainable change.

These changes will be seismic, disrupting current markets and supply chains in many sectors.  This major shift in our way of life will bring significant new challenges and opportunities . All UK organisations need to consider their response to the impact of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The move to a net zero economy will create seismic change

No matter the market you currently serve, the move to a net zero economy will ultimately affect your customer’s priorities and buying decisions. 




Transport & Logistics

Waste Management


There will be winners and losers from the market impacts of the net zero transition

Organisations that do not to respond to the net zero opportunity will be at a significant disadvantage to competitors that possess a net zero carbon offer.

Those that are slow to respond will run some significant new risks such as:

  • Declining margins to offset stiffer competition
  • Loss of market share as customers switch to zero carbon alternatives
  • Exclusion from supplier shortlists
  • Inability to meet targets for sales growth
  • Erosion of brand value and reputation
  • Stranded high carbon assets, which will become difficult to sell or market

Unlike the winners in the net zero economy, these slow movers on net zero will miss out on major new growth opportunities in new markets for net zero goods and services.

Acquire a net zero business advantage

Following the Pandemic, businesses who develop zero carbon goods and services will discover that many new opportunities await.  These early movers stand to gain from developing goods and services more aligned to the needs of the net zero markets and the growing ambition of both business and society to Build Back Better.   As a result their goods and services will be better targeted and achieve greater economic and environmental impact.

These opportunities will be big.  Not just in the UK, but also potentially in global markets. An increased net zero focus will also align very positively with the needs of their stakeholders: customers, employees and investors, so protecting and enhancing their brand and reputation.

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