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For some time Telemarketing has been used effectively by B2B sales and marketing leaders to augment strategic marketing campaigns with the objective of intercepting short term sales opportunities.  This tactic can be very powerful and can significantly contribute to sales pipeline.

However, the early stage of the Sustainability Solutions market brings some new challenges for traditional telemarketers irrespective of their usual effectiveness of their services.  As sustainability is often a new priority for many businesses it is often lead by new functional groups and can involve a number of key executives and middle managers.  The new investments in products and services needed to deliver on an organisations sustainability goals are often cross-functional, resulting in larger buying coalitions.

The early nature of the Sustainability market also means that telemarketing also benefits from a pre-selection of those prospects that are showing high levels of interest in the Sustainability agenda.

Cambium adds value to improve the efficacy of tele-marketing to these new buying coalitions and prospects in a number of ways.  These include:

  • Audience Identification – in this regard Cambium can help marketing teams to identify the best functional roles to target and also where necessary to provide the names and roles of key personnel within a selection of target companies
  •  Pre-selection of Prospects – Cambium’s proprietary Sustainability ranking engine the Sustainability ProspectorTMcan also be used to rank and pre-select a list of clients for subsequent tele-marketing work.
  •  End User Clients and Channel Partners– Whilst many companies will focus on increasing penetration of end user clients it is important to note that Cambium’ services are also directly relevant when pre-selecting channel partners to target , when broader market coverage is required via an indirect sales channel.
  •  One stop Service – For those clients requiring a turnkey solution Cambium has a tested partnership with a market leading telemarketing agency and via this partnership can provide a high quality telemarketing capability particularly tuned to the needs of Sustainability Solutions providers.

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