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3 workshops held in Northern Ireland for businesses to hear about support for productivity improvement through AI and advanced digital technologies. A number of projects have been identified as candidates for Bridging for Innovators (B4I) funding.

Recent research suggests that now could be a good time for innovators to be preparing their business to harvest the early fruits of AI. Over the past 3 years the Hartree Centre in partnership with IBM Research has been cultivating new smarter solutions to a wide range of industry challenges through data-driven innovation. On the 30th April, they are hosting an event – “Intelligent Innovation | Business value from digital technologies” – where they will present their work to date and provide the opportunity for participants to explore where these technologies can be applied to address their business challenges and innovation needs.

For business leaders getting early value from AI is vital to the future competitiveness and productivity of their organisation. But like all forms of innovation, using AI and data intensive technologies are not without risks