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As the UK government announces the 3 week extension to the Covid-19 lockdown, is this an opportunity to reflect and prepare your business for the challenges ahead. Find about how emerging digital technologies can provide a boost to productivity and what government support programmes are in place to help you.

March 2020 Budget sends clear signal of government support for carbon reduction targets and the net zero journey. For businesses who trade in supply chains and sectors where CO2 reduction will become more important, face a number of challenges as well as opportunities. Priorities and buying decision criteria are changing. Businesses need to think ahead to anticipate and develop propositions that address these changing needs.

David Attenborough and Boris Johnson agree its time for UK action on climate change. Launching the 2020 UN COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed the UK to action on climate change coupled with £multi billion funding to support the UK’s move to Net Zero carbon by 2050. The time for taking action on climate change is very short. We also know that there remain huge opportunities for individuals, innovators, researchers, and businesses in tackling this challenge. How will you accelerate your opportunity to take action?

3 workshops held in Northern Ireland for businesses to hear about support for productivity improvement through AI and advanced digital technologies. A number of projects have been identified as candidates for Bridging for Innovators (B4I) funding.