Why Sustainability Is Important to B2B Sellers and Marketers?

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The Growing Importance of Sustainability in B2B Markets

For the C-Suite and Boards of your clients and prospects Sustainability is a vital business issue.  For these executives sustainability is about:

  • maintaining growth in shareholder value
  • ensuring their long term profitability
  • recruiting and retaining key talent
  • retaining investor confidence in their business
  • responding to the rapidly changing demands of their customers
  • protecting their brands and reputation
  • accessing new markets and developing profitable new revenues

A survey of 1000 CEOs of global organisations by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) recorded that Sustainability will be important the future success of their business.

It’s not just an issue for large businesses  a survey of over 1000 SMEs (with turnover < £25m) in the UK conducted by Lloyds Bank found that a quarter cited sustainable business practices as one of their top priorities in 2014 with a third expecting to increase their investment in sustainable business practices over the next five years.

Sustainability is now an important business agenda.  What’s more its importance to these organisations will also grow over time due to the major global Sustainability challenges confronting all businesses.

So for sellers and marketers it’s a business issue that must be understood if you want to engage these clients and grow your business opportunity as a result.

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