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What is a Sustainability Playbook?

They are a knowledge based approach that helps you provide guidance to your salesforce on ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ in client situations.  A Sales Playbook is a term used to describe a focused range of pre-worked concise information sheets, market information, short presentations, collateral and other resources that will be used by client facing sales and consulting personnel as they are engaging with their clients on the topic of Sustainability.

This Sustainability Playbook is used to support your sales teams as they consult with new executive audiences to demonstrate the relevance and create interest in a chosen range of your offerings.  The goal of the Playbook is to identify good prospects, rapidly demonstrate your leadership, build key relationships and grow qualified sales pipeline.

Support for your Playbook design, development and deployment

Cambium provides services to support the development of Sales Playbook(s) including one or all of four phases of the development of a proposed Sales Play.  The phases typically include:

1. Market Segment and Audience Identification

  • often completed in combination with a short focused market research to identify clients to whom the “Play” is most relevant.

2. Value Proposition and Campaign Development

  • this activity is integrated with the development of Marketing Plan for the play.

3. Sales Playbook Build

  • involves collation of materials into a range of ‘user friendly’ formats such as summary presentations, sales manuals, videos, webinars, and wikis.

4. Sales Enablement and Marketing Deployment

  • This phase includes education of the sales force in the Sales Playbook asset and can be run concurrently with the execution of any marketing campaign defined in step 2.

The Value of Sales Playbooks

Sales Playbooks help sales leaders scale Sustainability knowledge and skills quickly and consistently to improve the sales productivity of their sales force.  They deliver:

An integrated content source to client facing staff

  • providing relevant information to enable self paced learning e.g. as part of an individual’s self-study
  • supporting real-time engagements with prospects and clients e.g. for use just prior to calls or meetings

Sustainability Playbooks are custom built for your business

  • focused on your products and services they leverage existing brand strengths
  • designed to target the sectors and markets that provide the biggest benefits to your business

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