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Enabling engagement with clients on Sustainability

Cambium has a tried and tested training programme for client facing personnel in sales, pre-sales, marketing and professional services with a need to intercept new sales opportunities from the growing interest in businesses in becoming more sustainable and responsible.

New knowledge and skills to improve sales and marketing productivity

Our workshops are interesting, interactive and fun, to get engagement and buy-in from everyone.   All participants leave armed with a practical action plan to help them put the education into practice quickly.  It is this attention to detail in both programme design and quality of delivery that enables your client facing teams to:

  • Engage quickly with the sustainability projects in your clients and prospects
  • Reduce the risks and costs of missing out on potential leads and sales
  • Help identify new sales opportunities and grow pipelines
  • Accelerate sales team productivity
  • Irrespective of functional role in the sales process – be it sales, pre-sales, marketing or professional services

Proven quality content, customised to Client needs, delivered by experts

Selling Sustainability SolutionsTM has been developed over several years and in this period the content has been refined based on the feedback from our programme participants.  This field testing has ensured that the core of this programme provides a robust and effective educational experience.

The programme has been built around a number of re-usable modules that can be configured and combined with our clients own product specific materials to create a customised training programme to suit each company and its people.

This customised approach offers many benefits to our clients.  Typically working with sales, marketing or channel leaders we offer a collaborative approach to ensure that course content meets their needs and objectives and deliver rapid improvements in pipeline generation and sales execution.

The design requirements can include:

  • Emphasising particular skills, knowledge and capabilities, where necessary.
  • Maximising the return on training investment by incorporating other key relevant information about the organisation, its products and or its services.

Typical Workshop Content:

This programme enables engagement with all C-Suite audiences of clients or prospects on the topic of sustainability.  It achieves this by providing participants with the:

  • Understanding of the vital importance of Sustainability to the board or C-Suite in their clients or prospects.
  • Knowledge to assess the comparative interest in Sustainability between clients in their territories
  • Information on the key reasons why different C-suite audiences are interested in Sustainability
  • Ability to use relevant vocabulary to make themselves credible when in dialogue with the C-Suite
  • Confidence to take this knowledge and use it in their sales roles via in-Workshop practice exercises
  • Shared insights on best practice and tactics leveraging the experience of their colleagues as well as that of the course leaders

 Testimonials from past participants

Just don’t take our word for the value of Selling Sustainability SolutionsTM.  Here are some examples of feedback from sales and marketing professionals that have completed this programme.

“As a result of our response (crafted on the Cambium workshop), we have been shortlisted to the final 3 potential suppliers, from an original RFP distribution of 20 companies, … our win chances are now strong against this significant opportunity”

  “The course was very good and in fact I believe EVERY seller needs to understand  the core messages from the course – it will impact our business in a big way and I believe the information passed on in this course can be used to our competitive advantage “

 “It’s very rare for me to recommend a course but I thought that “Selling Sustainability Solutions” was excellent.  Most importantly what it means in terms of legislation and taxes that are about to seriously affect our clients … I would highly recommend the session to my colleagues”

”No trees were hugged in the delivery of this workshop”

 More testimonials can be found here

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