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Leverage elevated C-Suite interest in resource efficiency and Sustainability

For the C-Suite and Boards of your clients and prospects many of clients and prospects Sustainability is a vital business issue.  For these executives sustainability is about:

  • Maintaining growth in shareholder value
  • Ensuring their long term profitability
  • Recruiting and retaining key talent
  • Retaining investor confidence in their business
  • Responding to the rapidly changing demands of their customers
  • Protecting their brands and reputation
  • Accessing new markets and developing profitable new revenues

B2B sales and marketing professionals now need to be able to engage their clients with confidence and credibility on the resource efficiency and Sustainability agenda.  Cambium provides services to rapidly bridge this gap in B2B sales people knowledge and skills, enabling them to improve their personal sales productivity and to capitalise on the new resource efficiency and Sustainability Solution opportunities that result.

These new opportunities often start with a consideration of energy consumption and carbon footprint, before progressing to consider other resources such as water and raw materials.  No matter what your product or service proposition our services can enable a step change in direct sales productivity using these agendas to sell higher, wider and more effectively.

Our sales productivity improvement services include:

Selling Sustainability Solutions to the C-suite

  • Sales Enablement and Training for Salespeople and Marketers

Major Account Planning

  • Discover the new resource efficiency and Sustainability opportunities in your Key Accounts

Sustainability Playbooks

  • Scale engagement on resource efficiency and Sustainability right across the Sales force


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