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Cambium possess deep and proven expertise in both Sustainability and the development and execution of effective business partner programmes.  Using highly experienced external consultants provides the management team with an independent third party assessment of the value of any existing business partner activities and their suitability for supporting stated business goals.

By capitalising upon our team’s deep experience of sales in both direct and indirect channels, our clients quickly obtain valuable feedback on the efficacy of their existing business partner activities or recommendations as to how to design and optimise the partner programmes.

This forensic examination helps to identify quick wins, conflicts of interest, potential risks, skills gaps and new opportunities for improvement

What’s the engagement process?

Every strategy review process is client specific and involves engaging with the senior executives responsible for the business to understand the:

  • Business’s goals and objectives in the short and medium term
  • Corporate experience of business partners to date
  • Desired value to be delivered by an effective business partners programme

We quickly establish trusting relationships and subject to access to key personnel we work collaboratively to conduct an initial consulting assignment to a pre-agreed scope on a fixed price basis within a short space of time.

What’s the Scope of the Service?

The scope of each engagement is always agreed with the executive sponsors at the outset.  However the agreed terms of reference may include review or design of the following aspects of the business partner programme:

Alignment with overall business strategy

  • Market coverage
  • Sales Productivity including pipeline generation
  • Gap Analysis from desired objectives

Partner Development Processes

  • Partner Value Proposition
  • Contracts structure and relevance
  • Partner marketing programmes

Organisational Skills and Experience

  • Review of skills
  • Compensation structure and objectives

Review of Business Partners Portfolio

  • Historic performance
  • Assessment of capability in relation to the Sustainability market opportunity
  • Ranking of existing Partners for Sustainability interest and expertise
  • Identification of prospective partners
  • Ranking of new Partner candidates for Sustainability interest, expertise and market coverage
  • Prioritisation of target partner recruits

What are the Deliverables?

The deliverables for each strategy review are also agreed at the commencement of the project, but usually result in a written report with recommendations for action.  This is often presented in the form of a discussion with the project sponsors.

These results can also be presented to a larger management forum or Workshop, which can be used to develop a shared vision and action plan to advance the business partners strategy in relation to the overall business goals.

Cambium also offers further services designed to accelerate the development of your Sustainability Business Partner programme including:

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