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This high impact service engagement provides a fast-track process to establishing robust partner relationships with clearly agreed roles, responsibilities and objectives.

The Partner Acceleration Workshop

This proprietary engagement has been specifically designed to accerate the productivity of important strategic partnerships.  It is a multi-step process, which can be completed quickly in a short elapsed time and it is always customised to the need of each partnership.

  1. Identification of Client’s Needs

The process usually starts with the initiating partner and includes developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs in terms of:

  • Target market and how this fits into the company’s overall strategy
  • Barriers and competitive landscape
  • The client offering(s) and their points of differentiation
  • What synergies they are looking for in the partner relationship

This is followed by the equivalent data gathering with the selected partner.

2. Custom Design and Delivery of Partnership Acceleration Workshop Process

Based on these needs, and Cambium’s knowledge of the sustainability market, a short-duration Partner acceleration Workshop is designed around our core proprietary process to accelerate the partner relationship and deliver a jointly agreed, results based action plan.

3. Documentation of Joint Plan and Monitoring Post Workshop

The output of this process is collated and published quickly.  This is followed by a sponsor review  to ensure that the momentum of the workshop is maintained.  This ensures that tangible results are delivered within the 30 days of the Workshop completion.  Details of this process and the underlying principles will be discussed fully with prospective clients prior to any engagement.  Cambium can also provide additional support (e.g. specific market research, value proposition refinement etc.) to ensure the continued growth of the partnership or as part of the preparatory work for the Workshop acceleration process.

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