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Effective Channels demand support in order to achieve success

Suppliers who have recruited or plan to recruit new channel partners with the aim of quickly increasing their market coverage, whilst lowering their cost of sale must ensure that these new channels partners become productive and effective very quickly.

Sustainability is a new agenda

Even for the most experienced of sales teams the sales process for Sustainability related solutions is often new and different.  It involves engaging with new board level audiences and requiring new knowledge and vocabulary.  It also requires that the Sustainability solution provided proposition is articulated correctly and with greatest impact.

For Sustainability solution providers needing to scale the effectiveness of their indirect sales channels, Cambium offers a proven service that can quickly increase the sales productivity of both new and existing channel partners.

Selling Sustainability Solutions for Channel partners bridges this gap

This service does not teach a partner’s sales team how to sell, but instead teaches them how to utilise their sales skills effectively, when engaging with audiences and clients interested in Sustainability.  This enablement process provides the sales and marketing teams of channel partnerswith the knowledge, insight and vocabulary needed to support the interception and qualification of new sales opportunities in their target markets.

Find out more about how to enable your channel to sell your Sustainability Solutions below.

The Value of Effective Business Partnerships

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Enable channel partners to sell your Sustainability Solutions




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