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It is easy for inexperienced suppliers to the sustainable business market to lose valuable time, money and patience in attempting to get them working effectively.  These risks can be mitigated to achieve a faster, bigger return on the necessary investment in business partnership formation, if your have an experienced guide to help navigate these challenges and to ensure that missteps are avoided.

This where Cambium can help.  Cambium offers three services for suppliers wishing to improve the effectiveness of their business partners to support their sustainable business solutions whatever the stage of development of their business.  These services include:

  1. Strategy Review Service

This collaborative engagement process provides our clients with a strategic review of business partner priorities by experienced business partner experts.  It quickly delivers an internally agreed review of existing business partner activities and their ability to support the wider short and medium term goals of the business.

  1. Strategic Partner Acceleration Service

For use with key strategic partners this short duration, high impact, proprietary process uses an open collaborative approach to accelerating the building of trust between key members of the proposed business partnership.  The deliverable is a shared, agreed business plan with clear metrics and joint commitments that advances the partnership rapidly which ensures that initial jointly agreed plans are achieved within a the first 90 days.

  1. Channel Enablement

This service is designed to help Sustainability Solution providers to enable new indirect sales channels to become productive advocates and sellers of the Solution provider’s innovation.  This enablement process provides the sales and marketing teams of the channel partner(s) with the knowledge, insight and vocabulary needed to support the interception and qualification of new sales opportunities in their target markets.

Find out more about Cambium’s sales acceleration services below.

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