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Sustainability is now a priority in the boardroom

Sustainability is an agenda that is of vital interest to the boards of your clients and prospects. 93% of CEOs believe that Sustainability will be important to the success of their business with more than 80% of these leaders identifying Sustainability as being vital to competitive advantage in their industry. A primary motivator for the growing importance of Sustainability amongst these leaders was the influence of their key stakeholders.

  • 81% of CEOs believe that the sustainability reputation of their company is important in consumers purchasing decision
  • A further 67% believing that Sustainability is an increasingly important factor for their Investors.

To capitalise upon this interest and to open opportunities to sell their products and services, sale people and client facing teams need help.

Find out what is meant by the term Sustainabilitysustainable development

Successful engagement requires the use of new vocabulary and knowledge to engage with the C-suite audiences interested in Sustainability.  The good news is that with the right support this understanding can be acquired quickly. Sustainability buying decisions often involve a broad range of senior executives with different interests in the subject, this offers more points of entry to new sales opportunities.

Sustainability Solutions like these can capitalise on this growing interest

So, to intercept these new sales opportunities your sales people need to understand how C-Suite interest varies between different business functions. This trend towards sustainable business has important implications for your sales force, irrespective of whether you use direct sales or indirect sale channels and partners.  With the right support it offers great opportunities to broaden relationships and benefit from the new investment being made by businesses as they seek to become more sustainable.

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