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The growing interest in Sustainability by organisations marks the beginning of a new wave of investment in energy efficiency technologies, resource management and sustainability innovations that will catalyse large new markets for suppliers.  These Sustainability Solutions market are set for long term growth.

The markets for Sustainability Solutions are mostly in an early adopter phase

 B2B Sellers and Marketers may be familiar with the technology adoption model shown above.

For many businesses investment in Sustainability Solutions is still at a relatively early stage, often motivated by compliance or measurement of resource usage for the first time  However, this general trend does not hold for all Sustainability Solutions markets not is it true for all businesses.  For example some leading businesses have been investing in Sustainability solutions for some time.

What is a Sustainability Solution?

Given this adoption backdrop Suppliers must ensure that they focus on those parts of the market defined by either industry sectors or customers that are most suited to their offering.  Those businesses who understand which parts of this market are most interested in their offers can obtain a significant advantage over their competitors.  This is where Cambium’s Market Research services can really help improve marketing effectiveness and opportunity identification.

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