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Use our policy knowledge, research expertise and market insight to save time and money in finding the best target market for your sustainable product or service.  This means that from day one, you can concentrate your efforts and resources in the areas most likely to bring the quickest and best returns.  Our tried and tested market discovery processes can be tailored to suit you to discover the essential market information you need.

Track Record

Cambium researching the markets for Sustainability solutions for over 5 years.  Our research teams can deliver a customised Sustainability Market research project quickly and cost effectively.

Our research team understands the complex interplay of economic, environmental and social drivers that inform the adoption of new sustainable technology and the reasons why individual organisations consider investing in new products and services in order to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Our Sustainability research projects have included:

  • Client surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Focus Group Workshops
  • Market sizing and growth assessments across a variety of Sustainability markets
  • Primary research reviews on UK, European and global Sustainability markets

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