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Sustainability is a concept of growing interest in the boardrooms of many organisations.  The compelling global challenges affecting many businesses are creating drivers that means that Sustainability is of great interest to the C-Suite.

For B2B marketers it is a great agenda to use to generate executive interest in your Sustainability Solutions and your businesses broader capability.  However, Sustainability is a specialist subject and to credibly leverage this agenda means marketers need to ensure that any approaches to client executive audiences are accurate, timely and relevant.

Whilst the Sustainability Solutions market is a long term growth opportunity, the early stage of the current market means that maintaining internal full time Sustainability expertise within the marketing department can be financially challenging.  Cambium helps marketing leaders to overcome this dilemma and ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on the growing markets for Sustainability solutions.

As experts in sustainability and B2B marketing Cambium experts are uniquely qualified to support marketing teams to design and execute effective marketing campaigns.  Our services can be deployed both on a fixed price or retainer pricing models and offer the benefit of access to flexible, high quality marketing support, when required.

The Sustainability marketing services available range from supporting the development of a Sustainability campaign concept in the early stages of campaign development, moving on to support the design of the campaign or supporting events.

Once the design is completed we can offer marketing support services, ranging from the creation of Sustainability related content  through to event support by our sustainability experts presenting on relavnt topics to the Sustainability campaign.  Event particiaption can also include the design, facilitation and documentation of Client Workshops designed to enhance the gravitas and credibility of the event.

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